Jamb Result 2014 Checker on www.jamb.org.ng

Jamb Result 2014 Checker on www.jamb.org.ng

Jamb Result 2014 Checker on www.jamb.org.ng is your portal in getting your Jamb 2014 Result details. Download and Print 2014 Jamb results here.

PPT Jamb Result 2014 is outon www.jamb.org.ng - CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR JAMB RESULT 2014 and DOWNLOAD

Here on www.JambResultNg.com, we’ll be taking you on a detail journey on how to check www.jamb.org.ng for your jamb 2014/2015 results itch free, what to avoid on jamb website, how to use the jamb result checker 2014 (www.jamb.org.ng) on your mobile devices and the basic steps to take after checking your result.


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Jamb Result 2014 /2015 will be another battle of admission by prospective students of various universities in Nigeria and getting to know the outcome of these results on time is also paramount.

All those who sat for the just concluded jamb admission and matriculation board 2014/2015 will have to loggin at www.jamb.org.ng to know the status of their admission results.



It is worthy to note at this point that only a handful of candidates across the federation had an aggregate of 300 and above out of the 27,266 students that had their jamb result published in major states.

Many lost their jamb results 2013 and many might still loose theirs due to malpractices in over 9 states with a total of over 1.5million candidates who took the jamb examinations. Prof. Dibu Ojerinde disclosed that this figure of Jamb candidates and those who visited the official portal on www.jamb.org.ng made it the highest hits (numerically) since jamb’s creation.


How to use the Jamb Result Checker 2014/2015 portal (www.jamb.org.ng)

One good thing about checking your JAMB result 2014 / 2015 is that it’s going to be free and as such, access to the webpage is unlimited. Once you can use a cyber café or your laptop, this tutorial will surely come in handy. Also before the end of this post, we’ll be disclosing how to check jamb result 2014 / 2015 on mobile phones and other smart phones. You should also note that you will not need any of the so called Jamb Scratch cards to view your results online. So, don’t fall into the wrong hands especially café attendants who might want to rub you of your money.

The procedure to check your jamb result 2014/2015 is so easy and as stated above, could be done on your desktop Pc, laptops and your smart phones (only issue with phones is inability to print out the result as this option does not apply on Smartphone devices)

Jamb Website is http://www.jamb.org.ng/ or you can just view the result page directly at http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme/default.aspx.

What you will need to complete your Jamb Result Checker 2014 on the above portal are:

- Jamb Pin

- Jamb Serial Number which is also your Jamb Reg Number.

It could be recorded that Prof. Ojerinde when announcing the result of the just concluded jamb gave the webpage as www.myjambresult.com but its so funny that www.myjambresult.com is not the official website and the jamb official webpage still remains www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme1. This lead to a mass confusion during the last result checking by student and we plead with students to get the correct website (www.jamb.org.ng) and not what JAMB Boss blindly stated (www.myjambresult.com)



Here are the details and breakdown of the last jamb (PPT and DBT candidates only)

- Candidates that sat for various Universities – 1,670,833

- Candidates that sat for Polytechnics – 28,445

- Candidates that sat for the various College of Educations – 28,445

- Candidates applied for the Innovative Centers were just 25 (fear to embrace ICT)

- No. of candidates that sat for Jamb UTME 2013: 1,644,110

- No. of candidates that sat for PPT UTME 2013: 1,629,102

- No. of candidates that sat for DBT UTME 2013: 15,008

- No. of UTME result withheld for malpractice: 12,110

- No. of candidates absent for UTME 2013: 47,974

- No. of invalid UTME result (mostly due to improper shading): 47,974

- No. of UTME result still undergoing screening: 68,309

- No. that scored 200 and above: 738,375

- No. of UTME candidates scoring 160 – 169: 103,489

- No. of UTME candidates scoring 170 – 199: 571,298

- No. of UTME candidates scoring 200 – 249: 704,622

- No. of UTME candidates scoring 250 – 269: 33,115

- No. of UTME result scoring 270 – 299: 628

- No. of UTME result scoring above 300: 10

- No. of UTME candidates scoring below 160: 127,017

UTME computer based test (CBT) will start on May 18 and end on June 1, 2013. Candidates that chose CBT have been instructed to reprint their e-registration slip in order to ascertain their CBT centre.



Jamb Result Checker

Above, we’ve outlined the basic steps you might need to take in accessing your jamb UTME/UME 2014 results. Aside these, other challenge prospective students might face when checking their jamb 2014/2015 results will be the “server not found” notification on Jamb website. No cause for alarm. This is always due to the over 20million of users trying to access the portal at the same time. Also, we’ve noticed that the server used by jamb can’t really hold that much traffic of visitors and as such crashed more often than naught. This could result in you spending 5 minutes just to view your result on jamb.org.ng


- Exercise enough patience when using the Jamb Result Checker 2014/2015

- Try accessing the site with a High Connection like Glo Modem, MTN Modem or Airtel Modem instead of the weak wireless services.

- Log into jamb.org.ng between 11pm to 4am – This period is called the “Low Traffic Time” on jamb website as many candidates will be asleep which means you’ll have the entire server to yourself and a few smart students like you.

- Keep trying until you access your result.

- After the first check, print your result to avoid going through same constrains the next time.


A sound of WARNING: it is to be recorded that you’ll only have free access to jamb website just for 5 different logins. Therefore, you are advised to login only when necessary. Print our your result and give gaps in confirmation of he result.

Once you’ve exhausted your 5login grace, you will have to purchase the JAMB e-Facility scratch card with a price tag of N1000 for subsequent login to jamb.org.ng

Contact us for all your JAMB Change of Course forms

www.jamb.org.ng | Jamb Result 2014 Checker

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